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Coeus Solutions is a preeminent software development company, founded in 2003. Having a vision in the eyes to deliver excellence in the IT industry, the company started with a mere 20 employees. Moreover, as of today, Coeus operates in 3 Continents (America, Asia, Europe) and houses hundreds of full stack development gurus who know their way around technologies.

What we do

We develop customized web and mobile solutions for a wide variety of platforms, to deliver according to the needs of our clients. Our core strength is our flexibility and customization.

Our Clients

Through the continuous effort of our team of highly skilled tech enthusiasts, we have produced a lot of high-quality work at a competitive standard for the top German DAX30 companies.

Our People

We believe a company is as good as its team. That is why, Coeus Solutions has a rigorous three-step interview process in which technical skills and analytical abilities are measured.

Our Culture

At Coeus, we believe in a working environment that ideally portrays openness, respect, fairness, and mutual trust, as these traits are the ultimate necessity for productive results and continuous innovations.


Who We Are

We are a team of highly skilled individuals working together as a team to bring down complex problems.

In Coeus Solutions, we value genuine thinking and great ideas that is why we encourage our team to give voice to their ideas. Because a good idea gets the job done.

Our Profile

Our Profile

Coeus Solutions Ltd. was established in Lahore, Pakistan, and has a distribution office in Berlin, Germany under the name Coeus Solutions GmbH. Coeus has two key business units:

Professional services: Coeus’s professional services include software product development services and full end-to-end testing services for customers based in Germany and Europe. Coeus especially specializes in customer and employee engagement solutions, creating plugins and add-ons for marketplaces and platforms such as Microsoft, Slack, Workday, Salesforce, Shopify, and many others.

Key product lines: Two of the key product lines of Coeus are:

Vidmonials (available at www.vidmonials.com): Video reviews services developed to help brands engage their customers and employees better and be more searchable on the search engines.

Workhub (available at www.workhub.ai): Workhub is a remote, hybrid, and distributed teams platform that covers communication, scheduling, tasks/ticketing, and finally employee recognition & rewards. The platform is designed especially for companies adapting to a post-pandemic work environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Coeus Solutions primary mission is to create & constantly improve technological solutions to improve customer & employee experiences.

Our History




Uraan was founded by Ali Shaheen, Ahsan Naseem, and four class fellows in Lahore University of Management Sciences. These included: Raza Saeed, Usman Aleem, Ahmed Allawala, and Murtaza Afaq.




Uraan was split into Confiz and Uraan Software Solutions. Uraan Software Solutions started focusing on markets where English was not spoken as the first language.




Uraan Software Solutions merged with Webkarigar, founded by Qudsia Piracha. Qudsia took over as the first VP of Sales & Marketing of Uraan Software Solutions.


set up

set up

Coeus Solutions GmbH was set up in Germany and formal operations started in Germany with a local team in Munich.




Coeus Solutions Pvt Ltd was established in Lahore, Pakistan as the main company managing both German and Pakistan businesses.




A partnership was reached between Coeus Solutions and eKomi, whereby Ali Shaheen, took over product management of eKomi as Chief Product Officer and also started managing the enterprise business at eKomi.


Public unlisted company

Public unlisted company

Coeus Solutions Pvt Ltd became a public unlisted company and started the listing process at Pakistan Stock Exchange on the GEM board. At the same time, Coeus announced M&A Strategy to provide additional services to the customers in Germany.

Meet Our Management

Our management team consists of core tech-industry veterans. They are technical Gurus with a genuine interest in solving complex problems.

Each one of them is on top of their field and helps our company deliver quality solutions for your problem. We take pride in our team and its ability to deliver every solution.

Message by the CEO

2020 was a pivotal year for the entire world. Apart from the massive amounts of damage, Covid-19 also upended several industries ranging from hospitality to health care to supply-chain and so on. While this has been immensely hard for hundreds of millions of people around the world, this has also created opportunities for new solutions and new approaches to old problems.

One of these problems has been managing remote and distributed teams. We at Coeus have taken this problem head-on. We believe this is an entirely new category of software platforms and we are committed to making solutions that help organizations efficiently manage their remote, hybrid, and distributed teams. This is what is being achieved by Workhub.

Apart from Workhub, we have also doubled our investments into the space of customer experience, reviews and ratings. As eCommerce grows even further (due to Covid-19), there is even more need for transparency in online transactions. For this reason, we have launched Vidmonials and are already serving several customers with our partners, eKomi.

We are entering a pivotal moment in our history as we list on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. To list on the stock exchange isn’t an easy decision and we have thought hard about whether this is the right choice. We eventually concluded that for our customers, employees as well as shareholding, listing on the Pakistani stock exchange is the best possible option. As we move forward, we want to make sure we are fully transparent and open with our employees, customers, and shareholders.

Finally, as responsible community members, we want to continue to give back to our communities. For this purpose, we have defined a “no-child-on-the-street” goal for 2022. We will be investing and making sure that there are no street children in Wah Cantt (close to Taxila, Pakistan) by the end of 2022.

Best wishes,

Muhammad Ahsan Naseem,

Message by the CEO
Meet Our Board Of Directors

Meet Our Board Of Directors

A competent Board of Directors is an important part of a successful organization.

Our present Board of Directors reflects a suitable balance of talents, experience, and qualifications that are relevant to the Company’s business and governance. Their knack is also helpful in advancing our shareholders’ long-term interests. Each Director also brings their own set of expertise to the table, allowing them to offer practical advice and distinct viewpoints in the boardroom.

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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

When dealing with many stakeholders on a daily basis, Coeus Solutions is sincerely devoted to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. While making business choices, we rely on our “Employee Code of Conduct” to guide and align our actions.

All areas of our organization are governed by the principles outlined in our “Employee Code of Conduct.” It describes our beliefs and demonstrates our dedication to ethical and honest behavior, as well as adherence to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, corporate policies, processes, and standards.

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