Coeus Solutions takes pride in owning and developing Vidmonials, a video review product. The motive behind its development was the necessity of video-based reviews for businesses today since video testimonials are much effective in creating a stronger brand image. With that in mind, our team came up with the idea of a video testimonial platform. Vidmonials helps its clients in collecting, managing, and sharing video reviews from their customers with ease. Precisely, it lets its users request a video testimonial from their customers allowing them to record and submit the video review without needing to sign up on the platform.

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BRAVO! is one of the finest works by Coeus Solutions. It is an employee reward and recognition platform. Its need was driven by the fact that the majority of the employees today either belong to the generation of Millennials or Gen Z. These two generations of employees seek continuous recognition and expect suitable rewards for the efforts they put at work. The working model of BRAVO! was, therefore, developed by our team in view of the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial employees and for bringing the best out of them: points are rewarded as recognition for the work, and rewards are then given based on those points.

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