How will BRAVO! Boost Your Employee Engagement?

Employee Recognition Program - Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback

Feedback is very important and therefore, BRAVO! comes along with two modes of feedback. The first mode is employee engagement surveys, which allow the managers to monitor the engagement levels of their employees in the company. Whereas, the second one is peer-to-peer feedback, which allows all employees to gather feedback from each other.

Share Organizational Performance

BRAVO! enables you to collect customer feedback from various sources. You can share the feedback with your employees as well in order to refine your organization collectively. You may also incorporate the same feedback in your marketing campaigns, so as to market yourself better.

Share Organizational Performance with Collect Customer Feedback feature
Employee Recognition Software - Automatic Reward System

Automatic Reward System

Create a personalized touch with your employees using the automatic reward feature of BRAVO! Without you being reminded or intimidated, BRAVO! automatically rewards your employees on their personal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Your employees also get rewarded on the calendar events such as Christmas, New Year, etc.