Coeus-Solutions @ CeBit Hannover 2016

The largest computer trade fair with over 3,300 enterprises representing over 70 countries. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality were some of the main highlights of the event. The future of AR in the automotive industry was also up for discussion within the panel of guests.

The objective behind the event was to highlight various IT innovations, along with some of the most prominent solutions in regards to trending technologies. Coeus Solutions was thrilled to present its take to some of the tech-giants within the industry.

Coeus Solutions @ ITB Berlin 2016

ITB Berlin is one of the most important trade shows being held in Berlin. It holds a special significance for the city and even the entire country. ITB berlin covers the progressive image of Germany to the entire world. Coues Solutions admire the concept and handwork behind the event, hence we actively participate and follow it to the very dot. ITB Berlin 2016 was the world’s biggest tourism convention that has ever taken place.