Project Description

Kia Motors conducts a meet and greet event a couple of times every year to showcase their upcoming car models and the latest features & technology enhancements. Given the success of the event with every passing year, the number of attendees and the activities involved has increased. This resulted in Kia Motors’ decision to get an interactive mobile application developed, that could help the attendees in planning for different activities like test-drive bookings, maps for routes to different locations, booking photo sessions, and reserving slots for different media activities to name a few.

Challenges & Solutions

When we started working on the project, the first challenge was to get the requirements translated by all the different teams involved in the event, while making sure that we don’t complicate the application and keep the user flow intuitive and easy to navigate. In order to accomplish this daunting goal of making sure all involved parties are happy, we conducted multiple workshops to understand the requirements and the mindset of the users. Keeping in mind the specifications, the mindset, and the usability guidelines of iOS and Android apps, Coeus Solutions – with the help of a partner design studio, was able to deliver a very user-friendly and a high-end design that represented the high values of Kia Motors. 

The second challenge was to launch the application, keeping in mind the high-quality standards of Kia Motors, in a very short time before the Xmas holidays so that the app could be ready for usage right after Xmas holidays by the first week of January. Coeus tackled this challenge by dividing the project into multiple small sprints with a detailed demo and feedback round with the client.

The third challenge was the architecture of the application, in which we needed to ensure a fast response time whilst catering complex features and a large concurrent user base. Coeus addressed this challenge by identifying the sensitive areas of the app and had their code reviewed by 3 different pairs of eyes to ensure a 100% optimized code and an auto-scaling cloud-based server architecture using AWS services.  

Application Features

Some of the important and worth mentioning application features are:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Integration of music library
  • Live updates from the backend
  • Loading of high graphic pdf


The result was a successful launch of the application within the given time frame and the required quality standards. The positive feedback received from the users resulted in Kia Motors’ decision to add more features in the applications to make the app design and content highly customizable from the backend. They did it so that the same version of the app could be used for the future events, without the involvement of a development team or the need to upload a newer version on the respective app stores. 

Project Details