The Idea of Renovation Office

The Idea of Renovation Office

Jun 19, 2020
Coeus Solutions

For Coeus Solutions, the office renovation was more than just aesthetics. It gave us a new start, a strengthened identity, and an increased sense of care for our employees, clients, customers, and guests. Each floor was modernised with upgraded value-added elements including lights, colours, wall art, and more. Our new office structure is all about multi-function rooms, dual-purpose designs, and open-ended spaces that allow our employees to work with passion and comfort while sitting and enjoying a happy and motivating environment.

About Coeus:

Coeus Solutions Corp is a preeminent software development company, founded in 2003. Having a vision in the eyes to deliver excellence in the IT industry, the company started with a mere 20 employees. Moreover, as of today, Coeus operates in 3 Continents (America, Asia, Europe) and houses more than 100 full-stack development gurus who know their way around technologies.

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