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External Auditors

Kreston Hyder Bhimji & Co

Kreston Hyder Bhimji & Co. are the official external auditors of Coeus Solutions Ltd. They are a group of devoted and experienced finance experts who provide expert services to a large and well-known network of more than 200 customers throughout the year.

N.W.M.S Law Firm

Share Registrar

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (CDCSR) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Central Depository Company (CDC). It makes it easier for Share Issuing Companies and their shareholders to do business.

CDCSR provides a comprehensive range of services, including maintenance, registration, verification, and direct consumer contact and engagement. To ensure effective services, it has designed a high-tech Share Accounting System with an exclusive Authority & Security Management System and workflow components.


Meezan Bank Limited

Meezan Bank was Pakistan’s first Islamic bank, opening its doors in 2002 after receiving the country’s first-ever Islamic commercial banking license from the State Bank of Pakistan. The Bank’s headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan’s Meezan House. It has a branch network of approximately 845 branches.

In the country’s Islamic banking business, the bank has a 35 percent market share.

Standard Chartered Pakistan

Standard Chartered Pakistan is a fully owned subsidiary of the British multinational bank Standard Chartered and provides banking and financial services in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the bank employs about 2,800 employees and has a network of 43 branches in ten cities.

Capital Structure

The authorized share capital of the company is Rs.500 million consisting of 500,000,000 shares of Rs 1 each.

  • As at 30 June 2021 company’s issued and paid-up share capital stands at Rs.25 million.
  • 5,000,000 shares are being offered for subscription to eligible investors through GEM Board of PSX.

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Shareholding Pattern

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Free Float Of Shares


Information Memorandum

Subscription Forms

  1. Registration Form – CSL for GEM
  2. Duplicate Registration Form – CSL for GEM
  3. Bidding Form – CSL FOR GEM
  4. Bid Revision Form – CSL FOR GEM
  5. Additional Payment Form – CSL for GEM

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