Challenges and Risks in a Tech Startup

Challenges and Risks in a Tech Startup

May 28, 2020
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Behind every successful business, there is always a dream and passion to fulfill that dream. A business must face a lot of challenges and no matter how hard it gets; it must keep moving forward. People usually have no idea when they start a business. It might get a bit frightening, but ultimately the decisions taken will decide the success of a business.

Idea Generation

The basic and the most important requirement of a successful business is an idea. A strong idea may ensure the greater success of a business. If your idea is persuasive, it gets easier to build a skilled team to execute it. Each step we take in the execution of a successful business is based on the idea cultivated inside a mind. The essence of an idea must be very strong. The more time we spend on planning, the lesser time it requires for the execution.

Perpetual Change

Change is a permanent part of the technology business. The technology businesses are transforming rapidly as compared to any other business in the market. It is not easy to compete in this market unless you keep up to date. Numerous changes are witnessed every day in the tech world. It is very important to have the flexibility to adapt to changes based on market trends. You cannot enter a market with a product having identical features. There must be different features and functionalities that can attract your target customer. So, it is important to launch a product having unique selling points that can outclass other products and services.

Organization and Structure

The organization and structure of any business stand in the hand of a hardworking and passionate team that runs it. Building a dream team can be a big challenge for a startup business. There are several skills and qualities that are to be looked upon while building a team. The team must have specific skills that are relevant to build the products or services you are going to offer. The team must be skilled to understand different aspects involved in a business, i.e, marketing, commercial aspects, technological aspects, sales, and operations.

Based on their diverse ideas the teams start to build relationships with the key stakeholders. Depending on the capabilities of the team the management can decide to utilize the inhouse personnel or outsource certain operations.

Partnership Decision

To achieve a great goal, usually, the companies join hands with other companies present in the market. Partnership decisions are tricky sometimes. The companies need to have a complete analysis of the situations and then opt for the right companies to work with. They need to analyze whether the partnership is suitable to achieve a great goal and if they will be able to maintain it in the long run or not. The written terms and conditions in contract should reach a mutual consensus.

The parameters should be clearly defined on which a business partnership will work. Business risks are much higher in partnerships. It is very important to build a trustworthy partnership when starting a new business since there are multiple risks involved along the way.

Overcome the First Failure

Finishing what you start is the ultimate goal when it comes to a technology business. Chances are that the business might fail at the initial stage. If the plans fail, instead of evading such incidents you might accept defeat. But it is even greater to learn from your failures and turn your future experiences into your success. Once you have identified the reasons, remedial action can be planned and executed accordingly.

Before starting a business, you need to plan intelligently to overcome unforeseen failures that may occur. You need to have the flexibility in your plans that can save you from multiple failures. A large business may not suffer from a failed project, but an entrepreneur might suffer a lot.

Lead Generation

It is important to identify your target market because it is easier to know what to sell, but where to sell is the tricky part. So, a target market selection is essential to find the proper audience. The sales force is the front line of any business, as it is responsible for winning new customers and getting feedback from existing customers. It is important to have a team with the proper skills to execute such a gigantic task. Moreover, you need to ensure the maintenance of the sales pipeline for continuous business growth. For this, we need to answer specific questions like, who is your client? Where are you going to sell? What is your unique selling point? Who is going to use it?

If you have all these answers, it will be easier to develop a better product for your target market. And you need to keep on identifying and analyzing the customer’s need as they may change with time. This helps in the continuous development of the product and services you offer. All the leads do not close, that’s why you should keep working on improving your pipeline quality. This will ensure continuous business growth, especially for a new business.


There is a great cybersecurity risk as all the businesses depend heavily on the web. A company has a variety of confidential information that is available online i.e, important documents, bank accounts and credit cards detail, employee database, etc. All this information is sensitive, hence it needs protection from cyber-attacks. The tech business contains all the essential materials that are applicable online. A company can get itself a strong network that serves the purpose of protecting sensitive information. It can be in the form of a strong antivirus, a firewall, and other multiple security protocols.


It is very important to have a team that has mutual interests and a strong focus on a common goal. But this process can be stressful. It is not advisable to have a large team when starting a new business despite having a small but highly competent team makes a lot of sense. The new businesses may also not be able to hire brilliant brains due to its newness in the market. Therefore, selecting a suitable candidate for a particular job is a great and a time taking effort.

You do not always find a perfect match which makes hiring a lot more difficult especially for a tech business. Having a large workforce at a startup may result in mismanagement of the expenditures. So, it is very important to analyze the requirements of the business at each stage and be very vigilant while making the hiring decisions.

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