How to Improve Business with Technology

How to Improve Business with Technology

May 28, 2020
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The ways of doing business have changed a lot since the arrival of technology and it has had a direct impact on business growth. The businesses today are more dependent on technology than ever before. Today, the need for human interference is going down to a minimum. Technology has brought ease, not only to large scale businesses but also helped small scale businesses to grow efficiently. The technology allows the utilization of minimal resources to perform complex tasks efficiently.

But what are the core factors that businesses can utilize to ensure success? As we all know success is not an easy journey. Then how can you make sure you are on the right track. As success leads to longevity, failure pushes months of hard work down the drain. Therefore, you need to know exactly where technology is useful and where manual work is the best strategy. 

So, let us discuss some of the ways where technology can help you manage a business efficiently.


Productivity generally refers to the performance of a task in a timely and efficient manner within specific resources. We can consider it to be a key indicator of a successful business. Technology has made it possible to calculate the time spent on a particular task with the help of certain software. This information helps in the improvement of business processes and improves accountability. In the past businesses were keeping registers upon registers to record their moves. It was very time consuming and was a complete mess to go through if the requirement ever arises. 

Nowadays, different project management and task management tools are in use to streamline the daily responsibilities of the employees. As such the record-keeping is also becoming digital. This helps in sorting necessary information related to business operations. A strong intranet can also help in an efficient email management and document management system. It helps record the important conversations and documents of all the employees as well as internal stakeholders and external partners.


The marketing department is one of the most important departments in any business. For a successful business, spending countless hours on devising a strong marketing strategy is very common.

Social media is another platform that is in use for the intense marketing of a product. It is considerably one of the most popular platforms with a large user base. A large number of companies run social media campaigns for promotional purposes. This helps them spread awareness and capture a considerable pipeline for future sales.

Email marketing is another channel for promotional campaigns. It can be used to send mass-emails to your target audience. Although the response rate is getting lower for email marketing, due to the increase in fraudulent emails. However, it still remains relevant for many businesses as the primary source of marketing. Email marketing has a good reach and is fairly cheaper in comparison to other options.

Writing a blog is also among one of the most popular ways of engaging the target audience. Creating a website is also very important to declare your online presence to the world. Additionally, videos and articles can be posted on social media as well as on the company’s official website. All of these are some clever ways of doing marketing and engaging your target audience


Customers are the key elements for any business to become successful. That is why you need to put special focus on your customers and learn from their habits. The internet is all about learning user behavior and making smart campaigns in accordance with the behavior of your current customers. Doing a study like this on your own is good, as you can gain valuable information from it. But as your products and target change, you will have to do this study, again and again, to stay up to date. 

That is why for any new or old business it is important to engage in collaborative efforts. You can collaborate with companies that have the expertise you need in order to become a success story.

The internet is all about sharing and you need to share the space and audience you work with. Collaboration can mean a lot of different things depending upon the business, that is why you need to keep it open for interpretation. But remember the collaboration is only useful if it serves all the parties involved equally. 


Life is all about learning new things and the online community is no different. There are constant shifts in trends, likes, dislikes, what’s hot, and what’s not. Therefore, you need to be on the positive side of the spectrum at all times to make progress. Hence, you and your team need to go through a classroom session every few months. There are many tools that can help you in understanding how and why the market is shifting. This can even aid your future strategy building, as successful businesses think ahead. 

But in the case of outliers, you need to stay vigilant. As we see nowadays, social distancing is having a negative impact on the global economy and many businesses are on the receiving end. However, digital platforms are seeing an increase in numbers regarding their user-base. As people sit home, they have nothing to do except browse the internet. 

This is exactly the shift in paradigm you need to learn in order to survive as a successful business. You need to utilize all possible platforms for your business in case one of them falls under. This will not only help your business to grow but also serve as an insurance for the business success.

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