Important Points to Consider When Creating A Mobile Application For iOS

Important Points to Consider When Creating A Mobile Application For iOS

May 29, 2020
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It’s not enough to come up with a unique idea for an application, as it is getting harder to stand out in the app market due to massive competition in investment, time, and budget. If you go into app development unprepared, you will end up disappointed. But, if you invest your time beforehand in preparing for the points that will lead you to success, you will end up with your app listed on the App Store. Sounds good, right? 

Let’s look at the important points that are worth reading before you embark on the journey to making your next big application for iOS.

1. Registering as a Developer

First, to publish an application, register as a developer by filling a form, and paying fees. The fee for a developer is $99 per year and the form includes basic information about the company and app. However, if you wish to release your product as a legal entity then you may have to go through a lengthy process. This process can take weeks or even months depending upon the nature of the app. Therefore, it is essential to create a developer account as soon as you begin working on the app. In this way when the app is finished your account will most likely be active. Otherwise, even after development, you may have to wait for weeks before your account is activated.

Material for Application Page

The selection of screenshots to display the functionality of the app is very important. The criteria for approval of such screenshots is very strict as well. The Store can reject images that exceed by even a single pixel without questioning. Hence, the developers need to follow the proper guidelines. The description, privacy policy, and even keywords need to be in line with the set standards. In order for the review team to test the application, you need to provide them with an easily accessible link. Otherwise, if they find it difficult to access then it will immediately get rejected. Most developers use a phone number and code already generate beforehand, so the testing team can access it immediately.

Testing Period

The testing and review period can take from one week to a month or longer depending on the complexity of the app. Hence, you need to take this into consideration while planning your marketing strategy. Many companies don’t consider taking the period under consideration and give out release dates, which have to be extended later on. 

Strict Standards

The strictness of the standard is so intense that you cannot even color the “Download the App” button on your webpage. Some Developers that colored the button in line with the theme of their application had to remove it. Therefore, you can judge that there is no quarter to spare or any flexibility in standards. It is better to stick to the standards especially when developing your first app. After you have made a few dozen, then you can try to request for some changes according to the procedure.

These guidelines can be hard to follow so let us remind you of the basic pattern of dos and don’ts. Going over them seems like overkill but as we mentioned that even a single mistake will lead to immediate rejection. 

Essential Requirements for iOS Mobile Application  

iOS is used on a limited basis as compared to Android. Hence its gallery is relatively small, and it offers more chances to get noticed. The strict guidelines also ensure that this club remains an exclusive spot for developers to try their luck.  So, these guidelines are the decider for many developers.

  • iPads and iPhones are the main devices that are going to utilize the applications. Therefore, the app needs to be compatible with small and large screens. An application that is not compatible or cannot transition well, will be rejected. It is better to consider the latest line up as the standard of devices that will use the app on iOS.  
  • iOS devices go through constant upgrades, so your application needs to have good optimization capabilities. This will help increase the longevity of the application and will earn you a good reputation.
  • A high-resolution display of iOS allows for thin fonts and other elements to appear sharper. Hence you can spare the interface from heavy fonts and utilize that space for better graphics.
  • When designing the interface Apple’s human interface guidelines need to be under consideration. These guidelines allow you to learn their consumer behavior and can be very helpful in increasing UE.
  • The app development guidelines are still your biggest concern as they need to be followed precisely. Sometimes the diversity of the guidelines can make things difficult hence seeking expert opinion is a good option. Leaving out even a single point can lead to rejection from the review team. So, keep your focus strictly on the guidelines.
  • Plan your marketing strategy by keeping the review time in focus. Apps with the average interface can expect this time to be for 1-2 weeks. While a complex interface can require 1 month, plus any obscurity in paperwork will stretch the process.  So, double-check each document to ensure there is no outlier that can ruin the time frame.

All of these guidelines are meant to filter the competition and choose quality over everything. Sometimes, even experienced developers have trouble getting through the review boards. But as long as you follow their guidelines you can make it. Just remember at first it is better to do everything by the book, no need to show creativity out of the guidelines. Only after you have mastered the guidelines, you can try to argue on behalf of your unique designs.

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